Initial Steps

Download the spree source distribution

Get the spree source distribution here.

Download and install Python

If not already on your machine download python in the version specified here.

Install additional packages

    You can find a list of required packages here.

    Probably the easiest way to get all required python packages is using easy_install. If you do not have it already, download this link and run it with 'python'.

    You can now install all required (Python) packages by simply typing:

    easy_install <package name> (e.g. easy_install genshi)

    To install a specific version of a module simply add the version number:

    easy_install <package name>==version (e.g. easy_install genshi==0.3.6)

    You can also install packages by giving a url:

    easy_install <package url> (e.g. easy_install sourceforge......tar.gz)

    If you want to get a different version of an already installed module try:

    easy_install -U <package name>==version (e.g. easy_install -U genshi==0.3.6)

    Setup your database

    If you don't have one already install a database. We only tested our system on MySQL but SQLAlchemy also supports various other database types. However, as some of the model's columns use MySQL specific data types you will probably have to slightly adapt these model classes.

    Create a database:

    CREATE DATABASE spree_dev;

    Grant privileges to the framework:

    GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON spree_dev.* TO 'username'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password' WITH GRANT OPTION;

    Modify the connect string in the files dev.cfg and/or prod.cfg to the values you specified above:

    i.e. "sqlalchemy.dburi="mysql://username:password@localhost:3306/spree_dev"

    Go to the project directory and call "tg-admin sql create" from the command shell. This should create the main tables (Some tables will be created the first time you run the server.)


    Configure spree

    Before running spree you first need to tell spree which mail server to use. This is done by editing following configuration files :

    • spree/config/registration.cfg: All entries starting with "registration.mail"
    • spree/config/feedback.cfg: All entries starting with "feedback.mail". Used only for sending the feedback form to the desired email addresses.


    Run the project

    Go to the project directory and call "python" from the command shell. If you would like to use the bigger ontology you must run the project the first time in production mode: "python prod.cfg".

    Open a browser and go th 'http://localhost:8080'.

    To start the crawler that downloads and classifies web pages during the registration process start an additional script: "python".

    Yes. That's it.